Intertextile home textile (Spring/Summer) Expo Opening: Live up to the New Era, Revive a New Atmosphere


In the most vibrant and hopeful season of the year, the home textile industry enterprises have ushered in an important nodes of plan promoting new products, discussing cooperation, and expanding commerce. As the first home textile exhibition of the Chinese New Year, the 2024 China International Home Textile and Accessories (Spring/Summer) Expo set at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 6th to 8th. With a renewed mindset and a determined attitude, it led home textile enterprises to embark on a journey of the new year.

The 2024 intertextile expo attracted over 300 exhibitors from more than ten countries and regions, seven major industrial clusters, and nine categories of exhibits, covering bedding sets, core products, towels, bedding fabrics, functional home textiles, home accessories, blankets, carpets, cushions, pillows, decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics, home textile equipment and so on. Multidimensional activities such as fashion trends, design competitions, hot forums, sleep aid peak forums, and live streaming product selection events will also take turns, and new products, technologies, trends, and concepts will once again shine brilliantly at the exhibition.

This year, the overseas exhibition area set up at the exhibition brings together numerous exhibitors from countries and regions such as Japan, Peru, Portugal, the United States, and South Korea. Famous companies such as the American International Cotton Association, GSI Creos Corporation, Hometex Peru, Linetextile, and Tela's Design Lda have all token part in, bringing a variety of products, technologies, and information including fiber products and raw material technology, home textile products, fabrics and fabrics, design drawings, and mechanical technology.

It is worth mentioning that "international attributes" have always been an important label of intertextile home textile exhibitions. The organizers of the exhibition always adhere to the new development concept of "dual circulation", promote efficient integration of domestic and foreign markets. And provide an important platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to open up, compete on the same platform, and integrate and exchange, inject new vitality into the development of domestic demand and foreign trade markets in China.

On the one hand, with the help of the "Internet + Exhibition" mode, the organizer deeply communicates online and offline channels to realize the seamless connection between information and business opportunities; On the other hand, building offline commercial docking activities can help both procurement and supply sides achieve face-to-face to match the supply and demand.

As a senior enterprise in the home textile industry, SuZhou Best Buy Home's professional team also arrived at the exhibition site. Through interaction and depth communication with many enterprises, they will integrate the latest trend information in the market into product research and innovation, and provide high-quality products with new, fashionable and strong market competitiveness to global trading partners. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate.

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